Respekt und Neugier Festival! Time to celebrate “Roter Baum’s” twenty-fifth birthday.

The Youth Exchange was coming slowly-slowly to an end. We  celebrated Roter Baum birthday for three days. All the participants were ready to have fun and perform on the stage.



On the 8th of June bands performed bands like: , Frohe Zukunft,  Knattertones, Kumpania Algazarra and of course our 3 bands.
In the end it was time for the cherries on the top of the cake, our three bands from the project performed. It was such a nice atmosphere.                                                                         All their songs contained a very strong message that the festival wanted to transmit: “We are aware that every human being is valuable and must have the opportunity to realize themselves independently of their ethnic, social and cultural origin. That’s why we treat everyone with respect and curiosity. ”

On the 9th of June we had different bands performing: Graf Fidi, Freddy Einz, Terra Livre, PHASE X,
Berlin Boom Orchestra, Tomas Tulpe, Mutabor. There were different workshops organized too.

On the 10th of June, the last day of the festival, we had these bands: Centri Asociali, RAMPA.


At the end we hope that the festival somehow encouraged more people to actively participate in society. The Youth Exchange was one of the bridges that helped us to do that. It was an amazing group of young people, full of energy and life..

Looking forward to the next phase of the project that will be held in Pančevo from 17-28 of August, at the FreeDom Art Festival.

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