Music for Human Rights

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During 2015 and 2016 we implemented the project „exploring roots and ways of cultural diversity in music”. This project gathered more than 200 different people in 5 youth exchanges which were done in Serbia (August 2015), Italy (October 2015), Germany (January 2016), Israel (March 2016) and Portugal (July 2016). The project aimed to discover and explore different cultures, especially music styles, and to combine them. The project was very successful and all partners and participants wanted to continue the work.

But also we wanted to go a step forward. For that reason we searched for a new topic, which was found really fast. Already in first project series very often topics of human rights were tackled and participants provided their vision of a common world. This we wanted to grap and continue and so it was born in a very cooperative way the project “music for human rights”. The idea was again to visit all the 5 participating countries and to work in each country one specific issue in frame of human rights. This should be

  • Cultural and religious dialogue
  • Escape and expulsion
  • Freedom of Art
  • Migration for economic reasons
  • Social justice (unemployment and unequal chances)

Methods we use during the youth exchanges were developed during a training of youthworkers, which will be engaged during  the project activities.

Unfortunately till now the project parts applied in Portugal and Italy got not approved, even that the feedback was very positive and the points which were reached were good. For this reason we held project following project parts till now:

  • January 2017 in Pancevo: Seminar to setllte methodology and working frame


  • March 2017 in Jerusalem: Youth Exchange about cultural and religious dialogue

    Photo: @manuphotographer
  • June 2017 in Berlin: Youth Exchange about migration and Borders18279002_1502136003193950_397083553110728684_o
  • August 2017 in Pancevo: Youth exchange about freedom of artIMG_1811
  • June 2018 in Berlin: Youth exchange about human rights and open mind34536816_2036823206391891_5691193934806515712_o.jpg
  • August 2018 in Pancevo: Youth exchange about freedom of art

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