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Educational Music tools to promote Human Rights among Young People” is an international project that responds to the need to develop methods and tools that will increase the quality of human rights education in the youth sector which is using the non-formal education (NFE) in everyday work.

The partners involved in the project are Roter Baum Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Narandžasti (Pančevo, Serbia), Farra Fanfarra (Sintra, Portugal), Comala (Torino, Italy), Zdravo da Ste (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

This partner network has been working together successfully for 6 years in the context of the youth exchange series “Music for Human Rights”. What has been noticed by the project partners is that there is a lack of human rights education in Europe. It entails the lack of capacity for meaningful political participation of youth based on HRs values and principles. This affects the power of young people to influence the process of decision-making and community growth.

With the help of the young musicians and trainers of HRs Education, we have developed in 2 years an innovative methodological toolkit that enables youth workers all over Europe to work with young people on human rights education topics in an exemplary way. In the section of this website called “Wanna play?”, you will find two toolboxes with non-formal methods addressed to youth and youngsters, accompanied by songs about human rights. With these two toolboxes, you will be able to analyse, reflect and discuss the songs about human rights in group work.

The aim is to give young people the opportunity to learn about human rights through a truly amazing tool: music. We comprehensively used music, both sound and lyrics. The lyrics show concrete examples from which the young people can generalise together with the youth workers, highlighting the importance of human rights in their lives and how fundamental it is for social coexistence. The songs, which deal not only with topics about relationships but also with social issues, are meant to be stylistically attractive for young people and methodically prepared for work with groups.


Farra Fanfarra was established in 2008 and is a collective of musicians and artists, highly specialised in collective euphoria and conveying positive energy to young people. The association aims to support and promote artists, with particular attention to young artists, giving them the chance to develop their art and raise their awareness about the possibilities of self-employment. The association promotes positive values, tolerance, sustainable development, cultural policy, employment, volunteering and inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities, using art and culture as a tool for promotion.

The cultural association Comala is a youth centre in Torino. It was established in 2009 to promote and strengthen youth activism and active citizenship through cultural projects, creating opportunities for networking and socialisation among young citizens. Over the years Comala has expanded its cultural offers with theatre courses, radio, video making, new media workshops, and dedicated studying rooms for the students. Comala collaborates with schools, associations and local institutions to realise educational programs and cultural events.

Zdravo da Ste is a citizens’ association that has operated since 1992 as a volunteer group and registered in 1996 as a citizens’ association. Because of its mission, it is a group of professionals, volunteers and dedicated people who help people in need of development support. It supports the right to development of children, youth and adults through group activities in the country. Zdravo da Ste believes that supporting group development supports the individual’s development and contributes to community growth.

Roter Baum Berlin is an NGO founded in 2011 by Roter Baum Dresden and is running all projects of the “Roter Baum” organisation network in Berlin, mainly in the Hellersdorf district. It runs a youth centre – “Anna Landsberger”. The youth centre focuses on programs for local youth, culture and learning processes. It is also implementing several national youth mobility camps and international projects.

After several years of functioning as an informal group, Narandžasti was officially registered in April 2009. Narandžasti has been established in the field of affirmation of civil society and human rights protection to help and strengthen the idea of multiculturalism and civil society in the city of Pančevo and beyond through non-formal, informal education, seminars, projects and various networking actions of organisations, institutions and socially engaged individuals with special emphasis on youth and youth policy.

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Here you click to download our methodological toolkit to promote human rights among young people. You will find all the methods, songs and lyrics that we have produced! 

First time here? Let me show you what we did on the project!

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Here you can listen to the songs that we have created between people of five different places in the world. The power of the music to spreed our voice and feelings.


The website, and all content in terms of project results, was created thanks to the cooperation of the entire Educational Music Tools to promote Human Rights among young people project team composed of the NGO partners Comala, Farra Fanfarra, Narandzasti, Roter Baum Berlin and Zdravo Da Ste.

Educational Music Tools to promote Human Rights among young people is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.
The European Union is not responsible for any content. Such content represents the view of its authors only.

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