“The magic never ends…”

Are you ready to experience the magic again? Are you ready to be filled with awe & wonder every day like when you were a child?

Get ready for the magic and follow us in our 10 days journey, where lot’s of magic dust will be spread everywhere in the shape of music, good vibes, emotions & cultural diversity…

From Berlin our adventure continues to Pančevo…

And yesss, you heard it correctly. Pančevo, our inspiring & peaceful town, will be the home of young people from Germany, Italy, Portugal, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel & Serbia.

The gathering started on the 19th of August, when we organized funny energizers for all the crew members.

Of course that It doesn’t end here. We went deeper and deeper by organizing team building activities, which led us to an immerse variety of topics and interesting conversations together.


Upss! The sun disappeared among the clouds. It was the perfect time to discuss about the main topic that gathered us here.

What’s freedom for you as a person? What about the freedom of art? Hmmm! There are kind of “tricky” questions to be answered.

Some were saying that freedom is the choices that you make on your own. Some were saying that freedom is being in peace with yourself, or freedom is happiness…

But what prevents us to be free? It’s the society? It’s ourselves? Of course that it’s much more than political reasons like: visa, freedom of expression or jail. Since we were kids we had to follow the rules that society settled for us. Some of us don’t find themselves in those rules. Here the freedom starts to be really questionable.

What about the freedom of art? How artists get inspired? Let’s stop and think a little bit.

The environmental that surrounds them, the society, the government?! We came into conclusion that: “We are all connected with each in a circle in a hoop that never ends.

Freedom of expression for ourselves requires freedom of expression for others. It is at the very heart of our democracy.”

Stay tuned folks, because this is just the beginning.
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We have a lot of magic to share with you.

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