SolFa Meetings! Time to reveal some secrets.

Are you ready to feel the bands closer?! SolFa Meetings is a talkshow developed during the Music For Human Rights youth exchange in Berlin 2018. At  Anna Landsberger, our Youth Center, we developed a studio to interview 3 band members from each of the 3 bands participating in the project.

It is impressing that how comfortable and inspiring can be when you sit on the sofa.         Lets discover it!



Here it is! Check the Solfa Meetings #1 with Squeeze These Bees Band from #musicforhumanrights project in #Berlin.
Guys are going to reveal some secrets about their music.


The second episode of SolFa Meetings! That’s The Voice of the People Band and their experience in Berlin.

Check it out!

The 3rd and final episode of ‘SolFa Meetings’! This time we get to know some members of ‘The Cocoinas’ as well as some of their strategies for the creative process in the project.

Check them out!

This was all about SolFa Meetings. Until now the Youth Exchange looks like an unforgettable experience for each one of the participants. Yahoo!!

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