Guys, what were we talking about these days? Oh, yes. Music for Human Rights project, right? Or were we talking about Talking About? Does that have any sense at all?! It sure does when it comes to presenting our second band called Talking About. We believe it is better tosee it on your own in the following videothat we made just for you (media team rocks!), good people.


ph: Milica Duždević

For sure this was the band we were discussing a lot during these previous days. Why? Because it is the biggest band on the entire project! It numbers thirteen amazing people from different countries. Maybe you are superstitious when it comes to number thirteen, but this sure is a lucky number and a good combination, and here is why. The band is being coordinated by an awesome girl, Italian trumpet player (and a coordinator for the entire Italian crew), Nina. There are more lovely girls from Italy in this band: Alessandra, the singer (and a physicist, we must underline this), and Bianca, both the singer and the violin player (how cool is that?). There are two more powerful singers that are adding emotional and sound value to this band: Nataša from Serbia and Alisa from Israel. Did you think that this band has only female singers? Well, you were wrong. There is also an incredible hip hop artist from Germany, Hissam (love your work, man!). Of course, that is not all. There is the jazzman, Vukan, from Serbia on the bassSlobodan, the machine or Disco Bobina, also from Serbia on the keyboardsPeer, the acrobat, from Germany on the acoustic guitar; our Portuguese brothers from Farra Fanfarra, Duarte on the percussions (not drums, percussions) and Rui (very nice guy who uses “Thank you” a lot) on the saxophone; Fabio, the Italian lover from Italy (he is taken, girls), on the saxophone; and last, but not the least, our young and perspective drummer from Israel, Matvey.

We believe we have talked enough about Talking About, therefore we are inviting you to join us on Saturday for the final concert of our project and listen to this band’s masterpieces. We are so excited about it!

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