What happens when you gather band crew from Israel, Serbia and Portugal? Our third band for sure. What have they prepared? We don’t know, but they are coming on stage tonight! Get ready, people, coz they are gonna rock your world (or maybe funk it up with a bit of soul spice)!

ph: Milica Duždević

What is so special about this band? Well, these guys have the biggest age difference among their members within all bands. On one side, you have experienced professionals (the brass section, bass player and a singer), while on the other, you have young teenage musicians (the pianist, guitarist, drummer and two singers) all excited about being able to learn and create music together. So, how did this look while they were creating some magic in the basement? You can check it out in the following video.


Maršmalo (or you can say it Marshmallow if it is easier for you to pronounce it that way) is a band coordinated by a youngster called Nemanja, our kiddo from Serbia. The band gathers incredible people from Israel: Slava on the bass, Marianna on the pianoVladymir on the guitar and Andrey on the mic; Serbia: Nemanja on the drums (the coordinator), Maša and Sanja on the mic; and Portugal: Sandro on the trumpet, Jose on the saxophone and Yuri on the trombone. This is actually the only band that has a full brass section thanks to our Portuguese friends from Farra Fanfarra (our portable dreadlock, Yuri, is the responsible one for making all the difference). This sure does look like vocals and brass section are going to “fight on stage” a bit. Don’t worry, that’s where the fun begins.

ph: Milica Duždević
ph: Milica Duždević

We are not gonna talk about this a lot, because you can actually see it and hear it on your own tonight at the Youth Center, at 8.30 AM. Don’t forget! This is our final concert where all the members will present how being united, equal, free, passionate and tolerant can produce good vibes and art or six fantastic songs in our project’s case.

Stay tuned, people, coz we will share tonight’s big event with you on our Facebook and Instagram profile. We do advise you to come to the Youth Center and enjoy the sound of Music for Human Rights.


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