New project parts applied

Dear friends, long time we did not hear us. But now it is time to announce, that we had applied new project parts. And for next deadline we will let follow more. Of course, everything depends, if we manage to succeed with application, but we are optimistic.

Already in June we want to meet in Berlin. The project part will serve to the “Respekt und Neugier Festival” (respect and curiosity festival), which is held in occasion of 25 years anniversary of “Roter Baum”.

In August we will meet again in Pancevo. Our project part will be held from 18th to 28th August. Same as in last years our bands will contribute to the “freedomART fest”.

With this two youth exchanges, we welcome a new partner in our round. “Zdravo da Ste” will enrich our team with participants from Bosnia and Hercegovina. We can also tell you that we also work on new meetings in all the other locations.

To participate in one of the project parts, go to participate and register there. But please note: The decision about group composition is up to the partner from your country.

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