Hello, people! A day has come for us to introduce you to one of our three bands. Because we can’t call it “our first band”, we should show you their name. Yes, SHOW IT TO YOU! We are sure you have never seen something like this. If they go on a world tour, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride to announce their concerts. For sure it won’t fit on a poster.

1stbend (14)
ph: Milica Duždević

So, let’s start. The band is constituted out of ten people from different countries. As you may probably know, every band should have a band leader. Bearing in mind we are here for the sake of empowering freedom and sharing love, there are no leaders. We only have coordinators, because all of us are leaders in their own way. Therefore, this band’s coordinator is from Portugal. His name is Reiul, the trumpet player. He also has two countrymen, Andrés, the drummer, and Joaõ, the tenor saxophone masterLorenzo, the acoustic guitar player, comes from Italy. Germany gave this band few of its singers: Alise, Rosa and Arne (hip hop artist). Israel has two interesting girls in this band: Angelika, the bass girl, and Sharon, the alto sax girl. Serbia introduced a multitasking girl, both on the keyboard and the mic, Srna.

1stbend (7)
ph: Milica Duždević

Lately it’s trendy to give short, sexy or funny names, but these guys made it to the pro level of showing the unity and equality among them. Each member of the band gave a suggestion, a word that can be used for building up the name. Just to remember, this band is contained out of ten people. Isn’t this crazy?! Imagine ten people speaking up ten random words. If you can’t imagine it,  look at the following video

There you go! The H.S.13.F.O.O.P.T.K.N.F.L. band or the However Space 13 Funking Out Of Panda Transparent Kartoffel Noise Free Life. If their name is like this, what will the songs be like? Don’t miss our final show on Saturday!

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