A new day has come and the crew has began with its quest on finding the path to its inner truth. The musical one, of course. So, beside the media team (that is us, yeah), we are split into three bands. Yesterday each band found its place for rehearsing where they started with what? Composing new songs. Yes, composing. Fun, fun, fun! The coolest part is that everyone is involved. Each and every crew member is using its passion and talent to produce something for you, good people.

We had a chance to ask the participants how is the creative part of work going on and you can find their answers in the following video.


ph: Milica Duždević


You can feel the music in the air while walking by the Youth Center. It can be heard as well. Seems like being in a melting pot of music genres: rap, rock, funky, soul… What a feeling, people! If you have any spear time, sneak up and sharpen your ear. The music is in the air, the sounds are coming from different rehearsal rooms, intertwining in the corridor and creating a pleasant chaos. Isn’t the chaos the beginning of a new world? That’s exactly what we are doing. Creating a world of peace, unity and love.

ph: Milica Duždević

Stay tuned, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You know we are working hard to share each moment with you.


ph: Milica Duždević

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