Jerusalem Exchange: March 8th

In March 8th or – as we like to call it – “Purim day” was different from all the other days of the exchange. We started off our day at a big gym where we had a short soundcheck and presentations of countries that were a part of the “Music for Human Rights” youth exchange project. Young people living and studying at the village that hosted the exchange, The Israel Goldstein Youth Village of Hanoar Hatsioni, were all wearing their Purim costumes ready for the day.

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After the presentations we continued to the Purim market. The groups of the youth village prepared a bunch of activities. Dances, horror shows, manga strips and more were presented by young people living and studying in the village. The market included the lunch for our participants and later on we had a short break before heading off to the city.

After the break, around 4 PM, we accompanied the students to do a parade from the village to the Old station in the center. The parade finished with a dance show of the youth groups. A grandiose variety of music and dance styles amazed us.


But what is the meaning of Purim? It commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people from a Persian minister, who wanted to eradicate the people completely. The queen invited the king and the minister for a meal of wine. As a result, the king hanged the minister and issued a decree according to which the Jews had the right to defend themselves.

In remembrance of this alcohol-assisted salvation, the duty of a Jew to get drunk on the anniversary of this event is to be so drunk that they forget the difference between good and evil. For the day of Purim everyone gets dressed in a costume.

In the evening we chilled together and got ready for an early morning and our trip to the Dead Sea!

Check out more on our Facebook page and read more about the trip in our next post.

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