Jerusalem Exchange: March 7th

March 7th was the day of our final performance!

Photo: IG @manuphotographer

Everything about that Tuesday in The Israel Goldstein Youth Village of HaNoar Hatzioni was different. We started rehearsing at the same time, but all of our schedules and practice spaces were occupied at some point during the day. That’s why our bands had to migrate a bit and have a few brakes while getting ready for the night of final song performance.

Rehersals - Manu (22)
Photo: IG @manuphotographer

After lunch and a short break the sound check started. With a little bit of delay, our bands got on the stage of cafeteria turned concert hall and tried out their songs. In the evening – around 7:30 PM, the concert finally started. All of our 4 bands played the 2 songs they created – while being cheered by the crowd that gathered.

See more photos of the night bellow (they were all taken by Milica Duzdevic), or go to our Facebook page.

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