Jerusalem Exchange: March 6th

Fourth and the last bend of the #MusicForHumanRights project, currently happening in Jerusalem, is on today’s menu of our project diary. It’s called “Gsus4” and led by Sandro Felix – a trumpet player from Portugal.

Manu (1)

The band, consisted out of 9 musicians, practiced on a big theater stage in The Israel Goldstein Youth Village of Hanoar Hatsioni since the project started. They made two songs – one that combines hip hop, drum and bass and samba, and another that is combining funk, trap and New Orleans.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Besides band leader Sandro, in the band are Cecilia Musci, vocalist from Italy, Patricia Pinheiro, vocalist from Portugal, Andrew Strugatsky, saxophonist, Eva Miskevich, singer and pianist, Lev Bilenkin, guitarist, Elya Bilenkin on the bass guitar and, finally, Nemanja Malusic from Serbia on the drums.

Check out the song teasers to know what to expect on tonight’s concert.

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