Jerusalem Exchange: March 5th

Set up on the top floor of Luigi Einaudi Culture Centre (building where youth village’s musicians practise) is the room where “Carlitos” jams each day.

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Photo: IG@manuphotographer .

As we wrote in our previous post, the band is led by an Italian singer and pianist Valentina Nicolotti. Three vocals, three violins, a piano, percussions, drums and bass are used to create music in this band. Their sound varies through both of the songs making it possible for each and every one of the participants to show their true talent.

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The violins are played by two girls from Russia – Alina Zheleznyakova and Sofy Truman, and a girl from Poland Maria Lankiewicz. Italian percussionist Gianluca Persico contributes to the band with his experience and talent. The drums and also bass are played by a musician from Portugal – Diogo Bernardes. Two talented vocals, Lisa Dvoretsksya (Russia) and Maria Schou (Portugal), give a special energy to the “Carlitos”.

The “Carlitos” already made two songs. The first of them “flirts” between dance and chill out tunes describing the feeling of loneliness and how to deal with it. The second one is called “Under the Same Sun”, and talks about equality, breaking all barriers between different cultures. The song is a combination of African beats and pop music. Above all, for creating this song, all the band members contribute with singing. We are very excited to hear “Carlitos” playing!

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Photo: IG@manuphotographer

“Disko Bobina” located also in Luigi Einaudi Culture Center creates mainly electronic music combined with hip hop. This specific band is led by Slobodan Rekovic, Serbian keyboard player who bring a lots of enthusiasmu to his team.

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Besides Slobodan, the “Disko Bobina” involves numerous musicians from different countries. Lina Subklew comes from Germany and she is one of three vocals in this band. The other two vocals are Spanish rapper Hissam Chellaf and Alisa Shak from Israel. The bass guitar is played by Italian musician Fabrizio Listello. Christoph Schäfer, a DJ from Germany, makes this band unique.

Follow our future post to read more about the “Disko Bobina” performance.




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