Jerusalem Exchange: grand finale

The end of our first exchange in 2017 (for the project Music for Human Rights) included a trip to the Dead Sea, a free day for touring the city of Jerusalem and a farewell party.

On March 9th we were off to an early start as the bus waited for us to take us – firstly – to the Ein Gedi nature reserve. We had a walk and than a hike through that beautiful oasis and finished the two hour Ein Gedi visit on a hill that overlooks the Dead Sea. We had a guide and heard more about this magical place as we walked around.

After the Ein Gedi natural reserve we hopped on the bus again and went straight to the coast of the Dead Sea. That’s where we had lunch and spent most of our day.

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In the evening we had a small party to celebrate the beautiful days we spent together in Israel Goldstein Youth Village.

The day after our trip was a free day and we used it to go to the city center together and visit places we didn’t manage to visit before. Saturday was departure day and all of the groups left the village for their plane rides home.

But not to end this little blogging adventure on a sad note, we are looking forward to our next exchange of Music for Human Rights project! It’s happening in Berlin from April 29th to May 9th. Here is the official poster done by Hissam Chellaf.

Design: Hissam Chellaf

Thank you for following our journey!

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