Concerts in Berlin and Dresden

Ready, set, play!

 After an eventful week of getting to know each other, the city and the rhythm, our participants are now eager to show everyone what they have been working on. When the final rehearsal was done, we packed our equipment and headed towards Wedding. Our first concert was held in a lovely small synagoge Bet Haskala in Lichtburgforum. The participants had the opportunity to be a part of the service, learn more about the culture and the traditions of the Jewish community in Berlin and to contribute to the Holocaust Remembrance Day. Our international group played their song sending an important message of unity, compassion, endurance and they emphasized the importance of always speaking out for the victims and remembering their suffering and bravery. In the end we were given bread and wine and we had the opportunity to talk to the people, share stories and comfort each other.  

Our journey is slowly coming to an end. We have our instruments and bags packed and we are ready to explore another city in Germany. The group headed to Dresden, the capital of the German state Saxony, known for its river Elbe, a long and rich history of the residence for the Electors and Kings of Saxony, but sadly also known as one of the most affected cities in the World War II.

Our second concert is taking place in the Roter Baum facilities, celebrating the 30 years of its existence. Our band was happy to share and represent the organization, its ideas and its long tradition. We were first to open this exciting evening, which really set the mood for the other bands and for the audience. After the performance, our participants could relax, enjoy and dance to the newest hits, learning a phrase or two, such as „Zugabe!“ We had a pleasure to listen to the band „B6BBO“ who stole our attention with their catchy songs, funky outfits and charming smiles. Last on the line up was the band „Sorry for the music“. Don’t let the band name fool you –   the only thing we were sorry for, is that it didn’t last longer. The crowd was jumping, dancing and singing the lyrics in ecstasy. And if these bands weren’t enough, there was a seperate room with a DJ, blasting the best hits, a fire pit outside to make you warm while you chat with the others and an exhibition room with all of the Roter Baum’s biggest moments and memories. As the night is ending, we are able to collect our thoughts, remind ourselves of the important things in life, be grateful for new friends and go home full of experiences.  

Text: Natalija Dermanov
Photos: Milica Duzdevic

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