Project has started

We jumped into this week excited and ready to make some memories! The first day was dedicated to getting to know each other with a lot of names, games and energizers. If you think learning 34 names is difficult, try adding an adjective to it and repeat it right away. The group had the chance to see the weekly plan, get to know the people behind the project, tour around our colorful facilities and learn more about each of the organisations.

As soon as we created a friendly and comfortable environment, we made sure all of the ideas are taken in consideration and continued to work together on making this project memorable for everyone. The groups divided into sections – the singing section, brass and rythm, where they discussed into details about the song lyrics, music and the performance, guided by their team leaders. The media team focuses on the coverage of the process, advertisament and branding. Everything is starting to look amazing, slowly going towards the final shows, which will take place in Berlin and in Dresden.

Text: Natalija Dermanov
Photo: Milica Duzdevic

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