Two months, in a blink of an eye

Anyone who has been there in the last few years knows what that means! Love for music meets colorful diversity. Heart warmth meets strained nerves from hours of rehearsals in the stuffy cellar hole. Strangers become like-minded and like- minded become friends.

Only two months ago a great crew of young musicians and creators set their path towards Berlin and our dear hosts, who always welcome us with open arms. The various crew was consisted of groups from Israel, Portugal, Italy, Serbia, Bosna and Hercegovina and Germany. Connected from all parts of the world, we came to Berlin, armed with great mood, creativity and share it all through newly created melodies.

We were so crazy about the freedom, scents and the tastes of the city, that we completely forgot to let you know how we are and how much fun we actually had! Our hosts, as always, did a great job organizing rehearsal time, as well as a tour of this incredibly large city, so that we (almost) did everything we wanted. However, it always remains a good idea to return to Berlin.

After a few days of mindless practice, playing table tennis, football and shooting videos, we had a final concert with some great musicians who joined and got the chance to shine on the stage of ORWO Haus. In addition to the three MFHR band projects, under the names of Upaljač (Lighter), Toothbrush in a pocket and Raindrops, Swag, Ulitka and Diana Lou performed. The party lasted until late in the night, and will continue soon at another location!

Can you guess where?

The project Music For Human Rights s co-founded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union – EU.
European Commission is not responsible for any upload content. Such content represents the view of its author only.
Thanks to JUGEND für Europe for cooperation.

Comala, Farra Fanfarra, Narandžasti, Roter Baum Berlin, Zdravo Da Ste OC, The Israel Goldstein Youth Village of HaNoar HaTzioni.


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