Jerusalem, its only a goodbye for now…

We knew on the last day that every band had made a song or two. Some people even heard some parts of the songs, so the rumors started going around the Goldstein Youth Village. “This band has the amazing sax solo! The other one has three violins!” Expectations were really high and since we already saw the place where we were going to play, everyone was just waiting to see the results on the big stage at the First station in Jerusalem.

Pic by Milica Duždević

I remember it as this cold night that, over the time it took these amazing musicians to play all their songs, became warm and comfy. The thing that puts a smile on my face is that it took us only 13 days to make, not only five beautiful songs that I am really proud of, but to make these friendships that will last for a long time. Our head organizer, Martin, had this idea of music, connection, friendship, love and respect in his mind I think, when he finally made this project. And look at us now, a few years later, in the heart of Israel, young people from all over the Europe made a small concert that brought life to this cold Jerusalem night in May.

In the days leading up to the concert, in a few places, I met people from all over. I met this old lady from France and her husband from Tunis. They told me they will come and see these musicians that I talked to them about. I met a priest’s daughter from Greece, a tattoo artist from Russia and also a young forger from Bethlehem. When the concert started and the first band played, people started coming closer to the stage. And I saw them all, one by one, people from all over. Different people. Truly beautiful and unique people that all came from different directions to the square where we played, as if they were coming from their own countries in Jerusalem.

The concert started with amazing River song that our band did in Yad Vashem, but also in Berlin. To me its still one of the best songs I heard in a long time. And then every one of 3 bands did one or two songs, ending with Germany band Ulitka and their energizing performance. I still can’t believe that everyone made 5 songs of that quality in such a short period of time… The night was truly special. It was the reward of our hard work manifested in front of us on our own little private stage in Jerusalem. Just perfect.

Pic by Milica Duždević

When we said our goodbyes in the next morning, we somehow knew that, even if there is a chance it’s the last time we see each other, the 13 days we all together shared in Jerusalem will forever stay in our memory as something special. Something truly sacred in this sacred land. Martin was right, in the end, music is the tool that connected us. The rhythms I felt days later. As some hidden tears dried in the morning sun while every group one by one left, I could almost feel the moments that are yet to come. The adventures that we are going to have in Germany, Serbia, or Portugal.
One by one, everyone left, and as I watched them go, I realized at that moment that it was not only the music that we created. Our concert will last for a lifetime. Jerusalem, I have a feeling that its only a goodbye for now, not forever. See you soon my friends, wherever, whenever.

Pic by Helena Fernández Sánchez

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Comala, Farra Fanfarra, Narandžasti, Roter Baum Berlin, Zdravo Da Ste OC, The Israel Goldstein Youth Village of HaNoar HaTzioni.

Written by Marko Macanović

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