Jamming in the city of a thousand faces

Finally! A cool evening breeze and a chance for our hyped musicians to jam. Little did I know that it wouldn’t be only us. There were young people from all over, waiting patiently to take their instruments in their hands (and in several examples more than one). When they finally got a chance to do it, this small bazaar that we were so loudly occupying suddenly became our own private exhibition room.

Pic by Milica Duždević

Music all around! You could walk for 15 minutes in either direction and you could hear the vibrations and feel the energy coming from that little music oasis. And as I saw it, if you were just a passenger passing by, there were good chances that you would take a peek inside, see what in the world is going on. It seemed at one point that a thousand faces were peeking inside this small room. Faces from all over. And they would pull each other outside because they were so excited to meet and talk, and immediately after you could see them eager to go back inside because the music was just that good!

Pic by Milica Duždević

Jumping and dancing and laughing and talking. The atmosphere was just right! And after the music stopped, the impressions were so strong that we formed a long line on our way back to Israel Goldstein Youth Village, and talk the whole way. We just couldn’t get enough! We talked about everything. The music, the country, the people we met. The amazing climate and even more amazing hosts. I can’t ever forget all those faces that came and went. Everyone had a question, a topic to talk about. Everyone was unique. All these faces, to me, have an immeasurable value. The one that I’m looking forward to experience again. In the small room in the middle of the Jerusalem? Why not.

Pic by Helena Fernandez

The project Music For Human Rights s co-founded by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union – EU.
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Thanks to JUGEND für Europe for cooperation.

Comala, Farra Fanfarra, Narandžasti, Roter Baum Berlin, Zdravo Da Ste OC, The Israel Goldstein Youth Village of HaNoar HaTzioni.

Written by Marko Macanović

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