Band Teasers are out!

After a few days of work, we are presenting to you the teasers of the bands. Here we are with a sneak a peak of what you can expect from each band.

The Bunkers came from the dark to spread the light. The Bunkers are: Anna, Stefano, Sascha, Marianna, Sonia, Luka, Alexander, Ivan, Andrew, Bane, Raissa and Aleksandar.

ÉÉÉBiehoo were rehearsing close to heaven and tell about their dreams. Band members are: Eugenia, Sandro, Nina, Polina, Sascha, Luca, Nikola, Mihajlo, Sadik, Naomi and Ela.

Apollonauts are deeply based on the ground of truth and diverse music styles. (Not) Flying to the moon were Fabio, Tiago, Strahinja, Dajan, Aldin, Gabriel, Allessandro, Thomas, Mariana, Arne, Masha and Cornelius.

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