Shalom! MFHR is back

Music for Human Rights is back and this time in Jerusalem. More than 40 young people from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Israel, Portugal and Serbia have settled at the Goldstein Youth Village to talk about human rights with a specific focus on the European vision on this topic. In the first few days, the participants of the project, have started to meet and know each other to enter the mood of the exchange. After some ice-breaker and team building games, people were split into different groups to discuss their own vision of the country where they live and their thought about human rights. These moments were very important to understand the situation of other countries in Europe and what the EU can offer to young people.

Soon after the introduction to the exchange, the participants started jamming, enjoying good music and the gorgeous weather here in Jerusalem, followed by the creation of the three bands. Each band has shown a unique style because of the different musical backgrounds. The bands have been working on the music and on the content of the two songs for the coming concert. Each song is a reflection about human rights and contemporary challenges. The creation of the music has been challenging for the bands, but it has been helpful to improve communication skills, to learn to cooperate and to compromise

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Besides the hard work in creating songs, all the participants are having fun, enjoying the time spent in Israel.

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