Meat, Coriander and Liquids

The next day we dealt with how we want to live together in Europe and what role human rights play in this. We recorded the results on posters, which accompanied us during the further work.

Then began a period of creativity. We composed, jammed, texted and rehearsed. We had a lot of fun, one or the other crisis, which only made us and our songs stronger.

A small highlight was the acoustic session in Biesdorf Castle. In the old Siemens-Villa we had a lot of fun without amplifiers with loud instruments. The culinary part was done by the Farra Fanfarra team who spoiled us with various delicacies. They put also a lot of effort to find fresh coriander, in order to give the correct Portuguese impact.
The next day Zdravo Da Ste and Narandzasti took over this part. A fleshy and liquid table was very tasty for everyone. Afterwards there was a jam session in the ORWOhaus, which was very inspiring for everyone, especially because many of the musicians from the house took part.


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