Music for Human Rights IV – Euro(pe)vision started in Berlin

The  next round of the project Music for Human Rights is on! It is always lovely to come back to our friends from Roter Baum and our dear host Martin. Almost all participant flew to the wonderful Berlin on Thursday, while the group from Bosnia and Herzegovina spent the Thursday night in the Crown Plaza Hotel in Belgrade since they missed the flight to Berlin due some technical problems.

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Last but not the least, they came to the Youth Center right on time for the first morning session of getting to know each other. The session was very interesting for everyone and especially those who were participating for the first time. Drawing portraits of each other, interviewing in pairs, gesticulating the instruments etc. was the perfect start for everybody. After the lunch and a longer break, the bands went to their rehearsal rooms where they divided their roles and made a list of things which were missing.
Afterwards, the participants continued their evening in a restaurant where they had a great chance to talk to each other more and establish contact. It was amazing how they started to exchange the experience form previous projects, to teach each other phrases and words in their languages and similar things.

The second day began with already traditional morning session in the YC after which all of us went to the center of Berlin to firstly buy the necessary things for the bands to work properly and secondly to go for a short tour of the inner circle of Berlin. But the way things go with the musicians, they made a spontaneous gig at the restaurant where we had lunch, which was drawing the attention of passengers.

We ended the city tour by playing and singing next to the Brandenburg Gate which made us feel like the whole world was ours. We hope to continue with the amazing atmosphere filling the air together with beautiful voices and sounds of diverse musical instruments.

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