So, friends-cue the magic!

Yoo-hoo, we’re ready to share the magic that our musicians created on the basement.
Our 10 day journey is coming to an end. It’s the third day of “Freedom art Festival”.
This event, that Youth center organises, is held for fourth time in Pancevo and this year is called ” Freedom is in you”.
Before the official opening, a mural of young artists is presented, accompanied by the structural part of “Freedom art” festival of every year.
All this was combined with a large number of performances of all kind.


It’s almost 20:45. Look at there on the stage! Sandro on trumpet is making us tremble. Arne rapping makes the perfect entrance after. Wee-haw!

At this moment the  Opi band plays the first song  called “Music is your heart”.
A mix of balcan, arabic and soul music.

After a while Eugeni leads the next song with his guitarre. It is a funky song called “And it’s going like ” . Musician are playng and bouncing with passion!

Then, comes the next band called “Jova’s Witnesses ” under the spots!
The band starts with a Indie rock song called Freedom, leaded by  the bass player Nikola.
Luzie, Naomi and Bane the singers , sing one after another with all their power. Then Bane starts playing violin.
Right after comes a Indie rock and blues song leaded by the drums player Miladin.
The stage is full of energy!

Now it’s time for the last band “Sombrero Galaksija” to make her entrance.
It’s starts with a reggae song with Mile on the bass, and the 3 horn section with André, Rui, and Zé. Then Anya starts to rap. The stage is vibrating.
After this song Valentine on the  guitar leads the next song with a funky rythm. Anya starts to sing.


After the 3 bands , came finally the band Fara fanfara from Portugal, with very fast rythm accompanied by trumpets, trombone, drums and percussions, bass.

The musician where dancing and jumping wildly, and had even some theatrical games and gestures with each other.

The crowed was also dancing , jumping and claping hands, all along. A positive energy was circulating between musicians and poeple.
Both side seemed to have a lot of fun and excitement.

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