Before your very eyes

It’s the period between “Wow” and “ We are looking forward for more magic dust” already.
At Kralja Petra 1 square a guy with a moustache and curly hair started to play in front of the people. Ohh, It’s Mr. Trumpet, Ze Zucchini himself.
But what is he doing ? Is he begging for money?
Some curious people are passing by giving money, others just stay in front listening to his music.
Then another guy , our Yuri, passes by and starts to take out of his bag a melodihorn.
They shake hands and start to play together
«Don’t worry, be happy».
Cattura 3.JPG
But seating on the bench and looking more closely to the scene it seems like there are photographers around them.
There must be something going on. Slowly-slowly other poeple are joining by clapping their hands and taking out of a box: Boomwhackers tubes.
We can hear the basses chords playing.
Later, singers and second chords started to join.
Cattura 2.JPG
THE sun certainly came out when all our musicians surprised the citizens of Pancevo with a Flash Mob.
Yesss, you heard it correctly. A Flash Mob. A suprise full of energy, happy faces playing on
colorful tubes,trombone, melodihorn, whistling and singing together.
Cattura 4.jpg
The people who passed by, stopped to watch the show.
You could see how they immediately put a huge smile on their face.
At the end everyone clapped the hands.
The magic was in the air. We could feel it.

Check the video out!

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