cultural dialogue and human rights

Jerusalem, this is not just the city in which cultures meet. It is the city where many cultures have their roots. A city in which cultures dispute conflicts. A city in which cultures unite. It is the perfect city to think about the dialogue of cultures.

This is exactly what we do between 1.3. and 11.3.2017. 36 young people come together and will develop visions on how this dialogue could look and what it should achieve. Influenced by the city, with its history, its conflicts, its people and its promise, people will enthusiastically sing and play their vision of living together in the world. All together pack up 3 freshly assembled bands in 6 songs, which are created within this time, rehearsed and performed.

One more highlight will be for sure the participation in the purim parade and the show at old station of Jerusalem, where all participating coutries will present a small show slot.

Anyone who is still alive can follow it on our Facebook page and here in the blog diary. And if modern technology is good for us, the concert will be streamed live. All songs will be released on soundcloud and youtube. So stay tuned!

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