First meeting was held in Pancevo

Last week delegations of all 5 partners met, to settle the details for upcoming youth exchanges. We talked how we will administrate the project, how we choose participants, how to improve saving of songs via video and audio files asa well as visibility of the project. One of the first results is this blog.

We agreed also about methods, exercises, agenda and content of the youth exchanges. All 5 youth exchanges will put one element of human rights in focus. The very first one will be held very soon. From 1st to 11th March we will meet each other to talk about intercultural dialogue and to create some music, which will spread your thoughts about.

Second meeting will be held in Berlin from 29th April till 9th May in Berlin, where we will include a group of refugees and do a small excursion to their personal history. The outcomes will be presented during IGA on a open air stage.

Three more meetings has to be applied. We worked already on the applications and if all will be approved we will sing from 18th to 28th August in Pancevo about Freedom and Art, in October we make music about migration in Italy (Torino) and last but not least in spring 2018 in Portugal we want to create our vision of social justice.

How to participate? Click participate! Your request will be answered by the local partners. The request is not a guarantee, after we have to take care for several needs of balanced group composition.

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