Moving forward with ambition

Diligent music and singing rehearsals were on the schedule and no sooner had the first song been perfectly rehearsed than ideas for the next song for our performance were already coming. Despite the sometimes exhausting sessions, there was always a motivated atmosphere within the groups, which supported everyone in their goals and allowed the team to grow together while composing and writing texts for the new song.

The party is on – jam session in Jerusalem

Not only success, but also an enthusiastic audience – the jam session in Abraham hostel bar was a great honor for us!

In the evening, after musical sounds animated the rehearsal room all day and the media team was able to close the laptop after interesting interviews, social media posts and video editing, a stage was waiting for our troupe in Jerusalem for an unforgettable jam session. We jetted into the city on a local bus at dusk. On the spot, a few locals played a song or two until some of us caught the stage fever. Thereby we enchanted not only international, but also local spectators with a stunning performance. Everyone clapped and the enthusiasm was surprisingly great.

International Evening – Folk dances, improv and another jam session

With our diverse group, an evening of international snacks and delicacies, little shows, wild dances and good music was simply a must! Starting with improvised theater pieces based on typical clichés of our countries, good entertainment was provided right at the beginning of the evening. Next to our buffet with German Nussecken, chocolate and gummi bears, Portuguese meat specialties and Israeli pita with herb hummus, the musicians played only the best music. With jazz and alternative, the dancers shook their legs happily until later, when we also introduced international traditional dances to the people: Israeli Horah  dance, Russian polka, German folk dance , Serbian Kolo, Portuguese and more! In summary, it was not only an evening full of fun, but also an evening where we could develop and get to know each other better on a cultural level.

Ph: Bojan Lacmanović

Text: Ninika Schrey

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