Music united-Never forget

Back in Berlin again!

After ending last year with three successful MFHR projects, we decided to start 2023 in the same singing spirit. With the help of our long-time partners from Israel and Portugal, we have formed a great team for the implementation of the project “Music United – Never forget”, and we are waiting impatiently for next week to welcome them here in Berlin.

This project was launched with the creative and professional support of musicians from Israel and Portugal, both people who are professionally involved in music and those who do it as a hobby. The introduction to the theme and the creative process will take place in Berlin, where the first concert is scheduled for January 27th, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and then in Dresden, where the second concert will take place, one day after.

This concert is dedicated to the commemoration of the largest known genocide of mankind, to which about six million people fell victim during its duration.

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