Meet the bands!

The time has come to introduce you to our bands that will perform on Friday at Dvorana Apolo. We prepared three groups, and our hard-working designers tried to convey the team spirit in the form of great personalized logos that they made for them.

The first band, called No way, is led by Nemanja Malušić, the “main bat” of the team. The group members come from different countries of the world and make up this fantastic eight who can’t wait to take you through their melodies.

Band number two, In fact, is led by an experienced Portuguese, Sandro, the loudest trumpet player of this band. You will recognize the band In fact by its strong female vocals, as well as harmonica and saz sounds.

Third, but not the least important, the band (G)round elephant found refuge for creativity in the green areas of the city. Artur and Rafa, an unusual duo from Portugal, are the leaders of this nine-member group and are prepared to rap their thoughts to you. In addition to the bands of the project, the famous Pančevo band Bas i Stega will also perform on Friday.

See you on Friday, Dvorana Apolo from 9 pm!

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