Music for Human Rights with new projects

It has been twenty months since the last part of the Music for Human Rights project took place in Jerusalem. This was followed by a short breathing break, a seminar by the partners, in which we worked on the quality of youth exchanges and developed ideas for the future. And then came Covid-19 pandemic. But we used this break. In the first lockdown, we started and implemented the MFHR challenge.

In addition, we have been hardworking and have applications submitted and got it approved. Several parts of the project are waiting for the moment, that all partner countries are able to travel at the same time. We still hope to start where we left off – in Jerusalem. We keep our fingers crossed to have the next exchange in begin of April.

We have been walking on completely new paths since last autumn. We have entered into a “strategic partnership”. This is an Erasmus + funding format in which partners can develop innovations. Our goal is to develop methods in order to convey human rights to young people – of course with music.

Our project „Educational Music Tools To Promote Human Rights Among Young People“ has now started and so far we have mainly been working online. But we are really excited to record the music with you that is needed for our project. Two albums with 10 songs each and a manual with suggestions on how to work with these songs are the goal.

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