FreeDom Art Festival with Music for Human Rights


Today we received positiv message, that our project part in Pancevo got approved! So we look forward, to meet new and old faces from 18th to 29th August and create some music.

Main topic will be “the freedom of art”. This is one of the human rights. But it is difficult to deal with. Of course art is always free as the thoughts are.

But what, if you are not able to publish your art? Because you are in danger to be arrested? Or noone is financing the Exhibition? Allover the world art is depending on political donators and patrons. But once you criticize them, danger is big to loose base.

Drama, Poetry, fine arts, comedy and also music, everywhere someone is deciding. Is it art? Do we want to publish it? What do we want to spend? How political should be art?

A wide field, we can play on and we look forward for the results of this play.

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