4th of May went smoothly. Bands were working on polishing the songs and preparing everything for the performance. To be honest, it looks promising. There is going to be a bit of rapping, bit of step dancing and a lot of fun, for sure.

On the following day, after pretty much the same working process, we all went to JFE Impuls in Marzahn. Why? Well every Friday there is a Disco party/Concerts happening there mostly focused on inclusion of the people with special needs. So, two bands were playing there. And it was pretty cool.

The first band that was playing was the band coming from Musical High School Havat Hanoar Hatzioni, Jerusalem.  And even though we could not understand a word of the songs, the melody was very catchy and we couldn’t help ourselves but swing in the rhythm of traditional music of Israel culture. IMG_7843

After them, we had a pleasure to continue with a good rhythm listening to the Italian band “Nina and the Messengers”. The band consists mainly of Brass instruments, one violin, keys and one set of drums. And guess with what song they finished the concert? – Bella Ciao, of course. And we will never get tired of hearing that one. IMG_7928

Believe it or not, everyone went early, OK earlier than usual, to bed that night because the following day we had a concert on the main stage of IGA Campus. But, we will tell you more about it later because in less than one hour we are all in Atristania Atelier (Neckarstraße 19, 12053 Berlin) doing the same thing all over again. IMG_2334

So, guys, maybe it is even better to come to check it all out on your own. You will see that we are not lying when we say that we are having a lot of fun while experimenting with the music of the world.

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