Jerusalem Exchange: March 3rd

With the idea to explore human relations and how different cultures impact them, the first thing we did in the morning of March 3rd was playing the game of Derdians and Engineers.

Photo: Milica Duzdevic

The game itself divides participants into 2 groups, one bigger – Derdians and one smaller – engineers. The engineers are supposed to teach the Derdians how to build a bridge from paper and glue. The main trick of it is that Derdians have instructions how to act in different situations so their culture is extremely different from the one engineers have. Participants have to learn about each other and adjust to the situation in order to build a bridge.

Photo: Milica Duzdevic

After the game, the bands showcased what they created for Slava’s kitchen (we wrote about it yesterday). Our media team made a short video of it.


After the lunch our musicians were again divided into bands but now their task was to create music. The main part of the project – creating songs that combine sounds of different countries – finally started. We followed the bands and their progress throughout the rest of the day.

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Before dinner, we had reflection group and inspected what we did so far.

In the evening, we gathered in one of the halls in youth village’s music center for a jam session. The jam session was open for everyone from the village, and lasted until 11 PM.

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