Magic dust for everyone 🙂

Hey, hey!
Here we are again with lot’s of adventures to share.
We are going to reveal our magic formula of having fun. Are you ready?! Hmm! We know you would. 😉
Surprise, surprise! The first ingredient is a jam session and then you add a smiley day at the swimming pool. The last one but not the least by importance is the flavors of an Intercultural evening.
Let’s start to talk about the first ingredient.
All our musicians got together at one of the most famous night bars of Pancevo: “ Galaksija”.
Zee Zucchini on trumpet & Ivan Icon on drums took the lead for a while, then Rui Rabbit on saxophone Andrea ACDC on trombone & Joao Joyful on trumpet took over. Funk sounds, circulated movements of shining stars invaded the night on our planet; we all just got our groove on. As a result, new music was created and everybody left with a renewed sense of creativity.
How is called the second ingredient ? Pool party?!
Right! That’s it.
A mixture of different activities, that included;
a refreshing swim session with water ball ,
volleyball , playing cards. Of course that we had a lot of heart to heart talks too. It was the perfect way to spend a hot summer day.
foto 3.JPG
Time for the cherry on the top. Time to celebrate the difference. Time to share with you the third ingredient: “The Intercultural Evening.” The funniest way to feel at home.
We traveled all together through Germany with only a sip of Berliner Luft, or through Bosnia and Herzegovina tasting the burek, or through Italy with pomodori secchi, parmigiano, pepper cheese. Humus combined with Bamba ‘ peanut flavored snacks’, and then dates were such an exotic combination from Israel. The taste of
Alandra red wine from Esporaõ & salami from Alentejo, was the perfect way to travel through Portugal.
To conclude our imaginary travel we need to taste Serbia, and we did it. Through; Vinjak wine, rakia, vanilice, cevap… From now on let’s stay in Serbia. Freedom Art Festival is about to start soon. Yahoo!
That’s all for these days..
More magic dust is about to spread on the next days.
Stay tuned!
Hakuna Matata!

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